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October: Working on some stuff including a board game, for now just pulling a DM Screen together.

As always, if you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or requests, and especially if a feature doesn't work, send me an e-mail at scott@d20knights.com (it's always nice to hear when I get things right, or fix what I got wrong).

GAMMAWORLD 7th Edition__________________________________________

The current iteration of Gamma World was designed for quick, one-off adventures utilizing a CCG system. While this might be fun for some, it leaves other wanting. The following rules have been compiled to fix some balance issues any GM would encounter over extended play, and also help remove the CCG aspect of the game without removing all of that optional material.

This sheet is now outdated and in the process of being updated. While it represents a faithful recreation of the character sheet in the book... well that one (and this one) doesn't account for the need of actual gameplay.

Additionally I did a quick edit on the Dungeon & Dragons Insider power sheet I made so now you can use that to handle the power each race throws your way. Hopefully in the future I'll have time to make a card layout sheet so you can create and print your own Gamma World Alpha and Omega cards.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 4th Edition___________________________________

These two character sheets have been redistributed to have a similar layout to the 3.5 character sheet for players making the change. Both sheets have forms you can fill out so you don’t have to write the information in, though the first form has NO auto-complete. I’ve had to many of those have a small section not work and thus the whole sheet was worthless. The second sheet has some math auto-complete; though it’s still in progress (some fields won’t update the math until you click off the page, or enter a placeholder number and delete it later).

Every class has powers, and every player needs a way to keep track of them. At first I liked the look of the powers as they appear in the books, but have come to like the format of the D&D Insider Powers Sheet. I never got it quite right (into one sheet); so it's a .rar with the .pdf of the sheet and some .tiff (picture) files. You'll figure out why.

These are two Combat Cheat-Sheets I've found extremely useful as both a DM and as Player. They've kept me from having to furiously flip though a book combing for the information I need, and can add a little haste to an already streamlined game. The first sheet covers Areas of Effect on the back, while the second features Flanking Rules.

For those who aren't to fond of the stock DM screen, or didn't know there is a good chunk of updated material, these new screen should get you what you need.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 3.5_________________________________________

These sheets all relate to the 3.5 edition sheet in some way. These are primarily back replacements, since almost none of us use the spell section to the right of the sheet. In the coming weeks I should update these will full pages (front and back) and should be forms (so you can fill them out). The pet sheet will remain one-sided unless someone gives me a reason otherwise.

3.5 Sheet 

DM Sheets: This extra sheets are to easily track PC information.

d20 MODERN_________________________________________________________

The first set of sheets are the standard d20 Modern sheets from the back of the book, only I've added forms so you can edit the fields yourself (one with blank forms, the other with some auto-complete).

The second set of sheets is a standard Players Handbook replacement sheet, fixing some of the unnecessary fields and adding some format tweaks. The second page is simple a sheet of extra combat boxes with added fields for significant details (come on, if you own the weapons locker, are playing an assassin, or go through a lot of weapons in a post-apocalyptic campaign this is a must).

d20 System BONUS!______________________________________________

A d20 supplement has rules for one brand of game that may not be in another, but since they’re d20 formatted, they translate. I’ll drop these bonus rules here, and you DMs sort them out.

DDUNGEON (HOMEBREW)___________________________________________________________________

So I made this short RPG, really barebones if you will. The idea was that you can get six sided dice anywhere, and if the entire game fit on the front and back of a sheet of paper, then you could take it with you. All you would need to play is the one Rules Sheet, at least 1 six sided die, and some scraps of paper to keep track of things.

The way the system works it relies heavily on a good DM, someone who can make balanced rules on the fly, adjust things without tripping over his own feet, make treasure and rewards that don't break the game. With a few imaginative players, you can really make any class you want. Roll a Wizard who spends feats on armor and weapons, stat strength, and you have a Swordmage. Go ranged with a Rogue, you have a Ranger.

It's still testing, not tweaked, but send me feedback if you ever find a group keen on playing it.

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