Dungeons & Dragons Tokens_______________________________________

While I do love minis, and have way to many, sometimes you can't carry around a tackle box or just can't get enough skeletons. To that end, TOKENS!!! These are plain PDFs of various types of token (plain by design, save on ink) that should cover the average groups needs. There is still a lot of ground to be covered, but the sheets I have here cover non-specialized game-play.

There are 3 sheets of PC tokens, and then sheets to cover standard undead, humanoid groups like Bandits and City Guard, and some every-day beasts. Every sheet also has a bloodied version for 4th edition players.

You can use these any way you want, but I would recommend mounting them on metal-washers so they pack some heft and you can use magnetic condition counters on them. These are sized at 3/4-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch. The tools I use to do this for my own tokens are a hole punch, sticker maker, and washers with the smallest center hole size.

The player token sheets try and run the range of character class / race combos, and should at the very least cover all the popular combination (elf ranger, dwarf paladin, etc). These are all 1-inch tokens.

These NPC tokens are mostly 3/4-inch sized to help keep them seperate from NPCs in combat, with "elite" or "solo" characters being 1-inch size or larger. They are all numbered to help track combat, and have decent size groups (like 6 melee guards and 5 ranged guards) so you should be covered for your average combat.

These were made using Photoshop, WotC Art, and an amazing Token Tool from (thanks guys!).
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